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    FCP to PP questions: part 4


      10) In FCP I would use the 3 way colour correction a lot to simply crush the blacks a little, maybe increase the whites a bit, up the saturation a tad which generally gave the shot a richer look.

      Just opened the PP 3 way colour correction... er!!! Ok, am I being ultra dumb here or is the PP CC simply not laid out very well or clearly? I can't seem to see how to alter the level of black in low mid or high individually.

      I have tweaked Input and output levels which seem to have an effect but it feels like I have less control than those simple little sliders under each bit (shadow, mids, highs).

      I also tried the brightness contrast filter which also does it but again doesn't seem as simple as in FCP.




      11) Can one not drag a filter from one clip onto another clip retaining the settings of the filter from the first clip?

      I want to drag some CC and Brightness/Contrast filters from a clip I've already worked on to a new clip but can't do it, it would seem.


      On another forum it was pointed out to me I had highlight a filter on a clip then copy it then select a bunch of clips in the timeline and paste the filter on to them, which is great, but dragging a filter to a bunch of highlighted clips would be easier, so though i have a workaround can it be done?





      12) Shift + back arrow / forward arrow is step back/forward 5 frames. How can I change that to 1 second instead of 5 frames?