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    Premiere Pro CS6 won't load audio volume.

    caseyinhd Level 1

      When I open my project I get this:



      Then, none of the volume adjustments work on the timeline.


      Everything you need to know:

      Mac OSX Snow Leopard

      Premiere Pro CS6 (Production Premium)

      Project imported from FCP7 XML, although I have removed all effects etc from that import.  All filters and adjustements have been made in premiere.

      I've copied all the clips into a new timeline, restarted premiere, rebooted, don't know what else to do.


      Please help?

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          caseyinhd Level 1

          Hmm... May have found a workaround.


          Exported problem sequence from Premiere to XML and imported XML into new project, and seems to be fine now.

          Maybe XML from FCP error, that re-exporting does away with?  I don't know...

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            ebenabbaan Level 1

            For the record I'm having this same problem.  Scary, since I made a bunch of audio edits and lost that work.


            Definitely smells like a bug.  I'm using Xto7 to convert a sequence from FCP X to an XML file CS6 can read; I'm having to run both FCP X and Premiere simultaneously, since Xto7 didn't really do a good job.  The problem occured when I switched back and forth between the two, and tried to relink an offline file in my Premiere project (where I am reassembling the sequence).  Suddenly the sound would not play.  I quit and restarted, and got the error above.  Ugh.

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              Stu Art Video

              I am also having this same error. For me it only seems to be happening when dealing with a sequence which has been synced using Plural Eyes. If I don't close Premier, do the dynamic link to Encore & burn to disc it seems to work. The problem occors when I shut down premier.


              Weird and annoying. Definitly a bug.


              I amusing CS6 on my iMac, and working with Mov & MXF files

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                I'm having the same problem.  Also used pluraleyes before hand, by way of FCP.  I'm working on an hour long documentary, so it's more than anoying.  I basically have to re-level everything, everytime I open the project. 


                The lack of support for CS6 has been a huge problem in general.  Having just switched from Final Cut, I'm used to finding answers online, but with Adobe so far I feel like I'm a lonely beta tester.  

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                  I'm having the same problem.  My sequence originated in FCP7, but i never used pluralize w/ it FYI.  So I would guess it must be an XML related issue.


                  This problem is a serious bummer.  Decided to do a rough mix in PP, and now a half day of work seems to be gone, with no way of resurrecting.


                  I have updated to 6.02, still with the same results when i launch the project. 


                  Please get on this bug adobe.

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                    bdelillo Level 1

                    *Raises hand*


                    I am getting this error as well. My project started in FCP 7 and is being worked on in Premiere CS6 via XML import. Working on a Mac (10.6.8).  An annoying, time-consuming bug to say the least. Looks like I'll have to do all my audio mixing in Audition?


                    Please address this issue, Adobe.