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    Need help with exit event populating text field



      I am new to this and I need help with having a text field in a table (cell 8) populate with the current date when the user finishes choosing the date in a different cell (cell 4) that is a date/time field. Cell 4 is using the default date formate (e.g. May 11, 2012). It does not matter the format for cell 8 as it is just for the manager to track when the supervior has entered the date in cell 4. Cell 4 would not be deleted once value entered. I have tired a number of scripts and none seem to work although I receive no error warning either. The current script I have tried is:

      form1.Main.tblWorkOder.Row1.Cell4::exit - (JavaScript, client)

      var v_day = form1.Main.cell8.rawValue;

      var v_day = DAted.getDate();


      have also tried: this.rawValu = getDate() for the second line and it did not work either.

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          Anoop9178 Adobe Employee

          Try following steps:


          To add current date fields

          You can use a date/time field to automatically show the current date by using the Runtime Property option in the Value tab of the Object palette.

          Note: When using a current date field, the date updates to reflect the system's current date each time a user opens the form.

          1. In the Object Library palette, click the Standard category and drag a Date/Time Field object onto the form design.
          2. In the Object palette, click the Value tab and select Calculated - Read Only from the Type list.
          3. Select the Runtime Property option.
          4. View the form in the Preview PDF tab.


          For more information, please refer to following article:


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            madhouse199 Level 1

            Thanks for your reply but that is not what I am asking to do. I do not want it executed at run time but when the user clicks on the date/time field in cell 4. The manager wants to track when the user is populating this field. Part of the form will be filled out (it is for work orders) the rest of the form will be done after the work is completed. Cell 4 (date/time field) is populated with the date the work was completed. Cell 8 needs to show the date Cell 4 was populated (clicked). That is why I showed the script I have tried in my original post that I thought would populate cell 8 when cell 4 is clicked but it does not work. Do you know the correct script to make this work. Thanks