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    Flash CS6 adl issue


      I'm working on an Air for iOS app in Flash.  Up until last night I was using Flash CS5.5 to do the work.  I upgraded to CS6 last night and now when I attempt to run the project from within flash, the stage is displayed wrong.  I get a 1024x768 adl window with all of the graphic elements shifted 50% out of frame on the top while width is unaffected.  What's even more strange is that the hit zones for buttons are still in the proper positioning within the adl window, but all the graphics are off the screen....


      Has anyone else experienced this?


      If so, is there a work around?


      I have gone through the publish process and it still works fine on an iPad even though the preview on the desktop is out of wack.


      Having to publish and test on my device is really hampering workflow....



      EDIT TO ADD:

        Ok, I've found a work around, it appears it's a bug where having the render mode set to GPU or Direct causes it to center on the portrait orientation Y axis regardless of the forced orientation in the Air 3.2 for iOS settings.