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    TV commercial using flash



      I am preparing a TV commercial using flash animation. I am animating a static image with a zoom in effect. the specs I am asked to resize this animation to is 1366 x 768. I am a print designer and having difficulties understanding how to resize my image in photoshop to achieve best quality.. so my understanding would be if my image is 1366 x 768 what would be the dpi?? and what would be the specs in inches to be aired at 46" screens or even larger..

      Thank you.


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          Jose_Flash_ookken Level 2

          Please read this document, you will get to know what is DPI and PPI

          Both are almost similar but it’s using in different mediums.

          One is in paper and another in screen.



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            bhandariplater Level 1

            Thank you Josh. I read it, it's interesting. yet I am sure there are some tricks and details to saving an image for flash without really having a massive file size.

            so if my image (Jpeg) is same size as the stage, and my dpi/ppi is 300. I understand that the physical dimensions of the image as 80"x40" per say doesn't matter. so if I ignore the physical dimensions, the file size will be huge.. and when I import it flash and convert it  to a movie clip for the animation, the animation gets a bit slow/funny... what do you think is the problem??


            Many thanx Josh.



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              sinious Most Valuable Participant

              So you're targeting 1280x720p content as that is a 16:9 ratio you're being asked to conform to.


              What is your flash animations current dimension?


              I presume this is an animation even though you're talking about an images DPI. If it is just a single image, you should set it to 72dpi. Video does not make use of DPI as print does. So if you really just need to export one image, hand back an image at 1366x768 at 72dpi.

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                bhandariplater Level 1

                well right now,

                my stage size in flas is 1280x720p 16:9 ratio


                In Photoshop, my image size is 5000px x2640px and the resolution is 300 dpi, dimentions are 42.33cm x 22.35cm.

                (the broadcasters asked for as high resolution as possible)!!!?? as it will be aired at 46" screens and larger..


                what do you think?


                Thank you Sinious.

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                  sinious Most Valuable Participant

                  If they want as high quality as possible then target 2560x1440 @ 72dpi. This will give them the latest, largest spec HD (not even in consumer use yet). It's large enough to give them some room to resize it down to standard 1920x1080 if they want to use the entire image, but if not, they have some extra "meat" they can crop off if desired. I think that will satisfy them perfectly.

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                    bhandariplater Level 1

                    Great, really thank you Sinious.

                    so I should ignore the physican cm dimentions..



                    one more question, they have specified in their spec sheet that

                    for every: 10s ad animation should be 9s in flash.

                    for every: 15s ad animation should be 13.5s in flash.

                    for every: 30s ad animation should be 27.5s in flash.


                    while my animation is 14s, and when I export it as a movie it is still 14s in quicktime... do you think they are refering to a different output??


                    Really appreciate your help.

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                      Hi Josh,

                      You want to keep it consistent, a decent standard for web or computer based is 72 dpi. Generally Flash Pro won't really care what the "dpi" is, a 400x400 @ 300dpi will display the same as a 400x400 @ 72 dpi on your stage. I'm not sure how much that really matters but I have never had a problem keeping it at 72.


                      As for your slow animation, that could be from a number of things. Nesting images into several layers of movieclips, especially when applying effects like drop shadows can slow it down quite a bit. Try to use as few filters as possible and if you have to, try to incorporate the shadow into the bitmap file itself because Flash can display that faster.

                      Flash is powerful once you get to know it, you probably want to look around for a while at animation best practices and maybe a few tuturials such as this one here: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/design/flash-tips-and-best-practices-for-designers-an imation/

                      If you really want to get fancy then learn some basic AS3, and how to use animation libraries such as TweenLite.

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                        sinious Most Valuable Participant

                        So this is an animation you're exporting? You mentioned you're exporting a "Movie". You should be setting that movies export dimensions to the same dimensions I mentioned above. If you prefer Quicktime then I would choose the Animation codec at the highest quality (lossless quality). It will be a very large file size but that should be fine.


                        As per their requests it seems like they wanted you to produce a 13.5 second animation rather than a 14 second animation. I'm not sure how lenient your video department is but if they want 13.5 then I would give them 13.5s rather than 14s. So you should find somewhere to simply trim the animation down to 13.5s.


                        NTSC full HD spec is 1920x1080 @ 24fps. So to "over meet" their needs you can export them a 13.5 second long 2560x1440 @ 24fps Quicktime movie using the Animation codec at highest quality.


                        At 24fps your animation should be 324 frames long exactly (24 X 13.5 = 324).

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                          bhandariplater Level 1

                          This is extremely helpfull... I can't thank you enough..

                          I am only using 30fps instead..




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                            sinious Most Valuable Participant

                            Uh oh.. You're better off telling flash to export to 24FPS. Downconverting 30FPS to 24FPS will cause the dreaded "jumpy" look. If you just google the topic you'll see an astronomical amont of links about people both having issues with it and desiring software to "fix" the issue because it's so complex to fix:


                            http://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1AFAB_enUS441US441&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=convert+3 0fps+to+24fps


                            Trust me. If you can export 24fps, please do so.


                            If this thread is complete can you please mark it as answered! Thank you and good luck!

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                              bhandariplater Level 1

                              Hi Sinious, I have just did a quick test for the export specs you gave me:

                              1. export as movie (quick time)

                              2. in movie settings:

                              video checked.

                              prepare for internet screaming is checked.


                              in video:

                              - size: I specified as 2560 x 1080

                              - settings:

                                   . compression type: Mpeg 4 video

                                   . frame rate 24 fps

                                   . key frames: every 24

                                   . data rate: restrict to 6400 kbits/sec

                                   . quality: best


                              then when i click export i get a message that the frame rate is not similar to the file frame rate, which should be ok.. right?



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                                sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                You can try to export to 24fps from a 30fps FLA and hope flash does the conversion for you better than a video app would. Let's hope so.


                                The settings I specified are (following your format):


                                Disable internet streaming (unnecessary)


                                - size: 2560x1440 (not 1080)

                                - settings:

                                   - compression type: Animation (not MPEG4)

                                    - frame rate 24fps

                                    - keyframe: every 24

                                   - data rate: 10,000 kbits/sec

                                    - quality: best


                                The error you get is what I hope flash will handle well for you. If you export the video, play it and it runs poorly then flash is not doing a good job of converting 30fps to 24fps, or your computer is struggling playing such a large video. You might want to test it by exporting to 1280x720 first using all the same settings otherwise and see if it plays smooth. If it does then you should be fine.


                                Otherwise, if it's jumpy/boggy, you'll need to consider converting your FLA to 24fps. This might affect timing in your animations. Over only 14ish seconds of animation it shouldn't be too hard to correct it though.

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                                  bhandariplater Level 1

                                  Thank you again Sinious,

                                  I am experimenting with different settings following your post.

                                  I will update you with my findings and if all works fine I will mark the post as answered as you advised.



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                                    sinious Most Valuable Participant

                                    You're welcome and good luck!