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    Help. Replacing clip with after effects comp. Confused

    Saeroner Level 1

      So my project is using footage shot on a Canon XL2 with 24p setting. I captured it in a 29.97 project. I then - under interpret footage - unchecked the box for 'remove 24p pulldown' (so it will stop shaking). evrything plays back perfect. Now my question is when I right click on a clip a select replace clip with AE comp do i then (in after effects) need to set remove pull down to non under interpret footage. AE defults to WWSSW (no idea what that means). Also, under seperate fields it's defaulted to 'lower' should i set this to off? after I render in AE i'm replacing the clips in the premiere timeline. The end product will be for internet (youTube).

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          Normally you shouldn't do anything: when you replace a clip in PrPro timeline with AE composition, AE automatically imports your source file as an asset into a project and interprets it. If you unsure, you may always check whether your footage was interpreted properly or not: just right-click one in Project panel, choose Interpret Fotage -> Main... and the following dialog box appears


          AE. Interpret Footage.jpg