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    Corrupted menu items


      I'm getting all of my menus corrupted after using CS6 for a couple of hours.  See below...


      This is happening for all of my windows (Navigator, preferences, etc.)  I have to close the program and re-open to fix.


      Running Windows7 64-bit. 12 GB RAM with an ATI FirePro V8700 card with 1 GB on it as well.  I have all of the latest drivers for the card (installed yesterday).  This should be blazingly fast, and it's chugging along like my CS3 used to with 4 GB RAM.  Are these issues with speed and the corruption of the menu items related?  Anyone with experience with this?

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          Level 7

          Sounds like there's some sort of video driver conflct/bug going on there.

          But it could also be some other system utility that modifies the drawing of UI controls.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            Try unchecking the [  ] Use Graphics Processor setting, closing Photoshop, and reopening.


            Does the problem go away?  If so, that confirms what Chris has said - you have a problem with the ATI display driver.


            You say you have "all the lastest drivers"...  What version would that be and where did you download it from?