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    CS6 Questions about making metadata more useful

    needles27 Level 3

      I've been tinkering with Prelude, and I am finding it really great to load clips with tons of metadata - even creating custom fields for specific project needs.


      However, I am having trouble figuring out best practices to use the metadata once it makes its way to Pr.  I see that the fields are being populated with data, and I know how to have the bins show certain elements of metadata...and I see the metadata tab in Pr contains all of the data from Prelude.


      My question is how to best use all of this data when editing.  It looks like the "find" window is pretty basic.  Ideally, it would be great to do a filter that says" show me all of the clips labeled "B-Roll" "Diner" in the log comments and marked "Good."  Feature request or hidden function?


      I'm just wondering how are other people using metadata to create a good editing workflow?  Why would it be worth my time to populate lots of metadata to clips in Prelude if it gives me a meager payoff in Pr? 


      Hoping for some good tips.  Thank you to a great community.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Sort clips by Good, then delete all those that aren't.


          Sort all clips by B-Roll, then put those in a separate bin.


          Now it's easy to find all good B-roll clips marked Dinner.

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            RBemendo Level 1

            I like that workflow suggestion Jim, I usually get pretty detailed with metadata in Bridge, and then subclips and numbered markers when I was using cs5.5.  Now in cs6 i'm  now looking for better workflow processes like needles27 is with Prelude.


            Is there a way to search time based metadata, in either Premiere, or Bridge?  It seams like adding all this metadata is a GREAT achievement, but what if we can't search for it, it really doesn't help us. Say I have 3 separate interviews where the same question is asked multiple times, and I make a marker with the in and out points for each question and name it "answer1", I also log the number of takes for that question; take1, take2, take3 etc. Now I want to search ALL the media in my Browser for results to "answer1".  I can't find away to search time based metadata currently, am I missing something?


            I do understand I could have a bin label "interviews" and then rely on the panels to sort though all "answer1" and then find each take from there.  Just wondering if I'm missing a search timebased metadata feature.

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              needles27 Level 3

              I've been doing some workflow rehearsals with Pl and Pr (Still more to try out) and I have shifted my thinking a bit on how to use these two programs together in the most useful way. 

              I have started thinking of Prelude as the "Turbocharged" version of Premiere's Project window, bins, browser and metadata panel.  If you start to think of Pl as a break-out companion, and use the two in conjunction, I think it can make for a very powerful combo.


              I know that it has been suggested to only flow in one direction - use Pl first and then switch over to Pr, but since Pl's capabilities for marking, adding and searching for metadata is stronger, i have been going back and forth a lot.


              In your example above, you can mark your comment (marker) sections in Pl and send over the clips you are interested in.  If you find you need more clips or a different "Answer1", pop back to Pl and do a search, find the clip, and send over to Pr.  It's like going back to the well for more media only when you need it. The search is much better over at Pl (in my opinion)  


              There are still a lot of new features I would add to Pl to make it more robust, but for now it is working well as my Clip org and Search in place of the meager abilities in Pr.

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                RBemendo Level 1

                Thanks for you workflow update, Interesting take on using Pl as your "media" bin in a way, I probably would have only thought to go one way from Pl to Pr.  I did notice that updating markers in Pr also is reflected in Pl.  Since the metadata is written in the file itself, it is definitily a solution to go back and forth and just do searching in Pl.


                There will definitly be quite few feature requests for Pl from me as I keep working with it.  One big one is I can't find away to spot files into Pl from Bridge, the "open with" command doesn't injest the clip.  I batch IPTC, and custom metadata through the "generic" panel in Bridge, and has been my hub for spotting files into Pr in previous versions.  Maybe I can find another solution to accomplish this workflow.  I'll try to keep updating my experience on this thread.


                thanks again for your feedback needles27

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                  needles27 Level 3

                  I never jumped onto the Bridge bandwagon, but I know it is a very useful tool - especially for renaming files on ingest. 

                  Here are a few other features that I thought are missing that I posted in the Pl forum (relevant here, since the 2 apps affect each other)


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                    RBemendo Level 1

                    Thanks for pointing me to that thread,  Having been working with Prelude for a bit, I'm starting to rethink my capture to ingest workflow, since data is being written to the files, you are not able to preserve the original data in the file in the unfortunate occurrence that writing metadata to media corrupts the file, I think i'm going to have to duplicate my footage and have a true raw capture, and then a separate metadata added file.  Also makes me me think about structuring my footage differently before bringing it into Prelude to begin with, as the bins are really slow and annoying. 


                    Do you know of any resource for using the unassociated metadata panel?  I'm currently troubleshooting on another thread regarding the similar issue of not having the metadata logged on one machine transfer to a second machine because the metadata is actually written in the files.  Prelude does have a "save metadata as" but can't find a useful way to implement this yet.


                    Here's the thread if your interested : http://forums.adobe.com/message/4432437#4432437


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