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    Warp stabilizer


      In a sequence i ve got one clip, the dimensions of which differ from the rest of the clips. I would like to know how i may apply in CS6 the warp stabilizer on that clip when its dimension do not match those of the sequence, withought however changing the sequence settings.


      I ve tried to  import that particular clip on a new sequence, changed the new sequence's settings to match those of the clip and then applied the stabilizer and as expected, itworked. Then i imported the clip back to the original sequence but the stabilizer was gone.   

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          shooternz Level 6

          Stabilise and export your clip as an intermediate.  Use the intermediate in your sequence.

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            Evidame Level 1

            Thanks, it worked

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              jplew Level 1

              Can you please clarify what you mean by 'export as an intermediate'? How exactly do I do that, I don't see any such option under File > Export.


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                Alan Craven Level 4

                Put the clip in a sequence which matches its parameters.  Apply the Warp stabiliser. 


                Use File > Export and set the export to export a version of the clip with the same settings as the sequence.  Now import this exported (intermediate) clip into your project, and use it on the timeline instead of the original.


                Sorry for jumping in ShooterNZ!

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                  jplew Level 1

                  Ok, thanks for the detailed explanation Alan! I'll give it a shot.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    Hey Alan


                    Jumping in... is a good thing.  It gives people quicker answers.  Dont apologise..

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                      Alan Craven Level 4

                      Well, I knew it was well past your bedtime!

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                        jplew Level 1

                        oh, I didn't know video editors slept...I guess you're one of the lucky ones.

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                          jplew Level 1

                          is there any particular format you recommend exporting my intermediate footage to? Should it match its 'neighbours' in the destination sequence (H.264 in my case), or is there some kind of lossless format that would work better?

                          Basically I'm worried about degrading the quality. Thanks!

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                            Jim_Simon Level 9

                            I like the free and lossless UT codec.  Works well with Premiere Pro.  (Especially in YUV420 mode.)

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                              Alan Craven Level 4

                              The most convenient thing to do is to Click the "Match sequence settings" box at the top of the Premiere Export dialogue window.  This is simple and minimizes the coding necessary.  You can also click the Use Maximum Render Quality box at the bottom.  This may give visibly higher quality, and will make the export take a lot longer.

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                                Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                If you set it to 'match sequence settings' you end up with the codec that is used for preview which is of lesser quality.

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                                  johnnyfriday Level 1

                                  Can't you just leave it on the PrPro timeline and choose (for all clips) scale to frame size, then do your work on each clip? what am i missing here?


                                  WHY, would i then take all these "other" clips that don't match my sequence and work on them one at a time and then import them back into my sequence?


                                  Real world example:  i'm on a 1hour doc and multiple cameras/codecs...all 3500 clips are in my bins and 1800 or so on my timeline....no way can can work on a clip at a time in another sequence---or at least i'd finish in 2015....so while not trying to be funny and really serious about this, AND this is what Adobe touts about working on one timeline and all clips can then be exported as one type later....am i getting lesser quality or something by doing it this way or what piece of this puzzle am i leaving out?


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                                    petergaraway Adobe Employee

                                    Hi Evidame,


                                    Another workaround you could try is:


                                    1. Applying  Warp Stabilizer to the clip that needs to be stabilized - For example Apply WS to an 1080p clip

                                    2. Nest the sequence

                                    3. Add the nested sequence to the mismatched sequence - For example 720p sequence 


                                    This might save you some time.




                                    Peter Garaway

                                    Premiere Pro QE

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                                      Evidame Level 1

                                      Indeed it has. It's a lost faster.



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                                        jplew Level 1

                                        Peter, your nesting technique is by far the fastest and most efficient solution, thanks a million.

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                                          you may also create a sequence thats matching your clip dimensions, add your clips, stabilize and open it in your source monitor.

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                                            Hi petergaraway,


                                            I currently have already imported all my clips and chopped them how i want them. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by add the nested sequence to the mismatched sequence. I nested it and tried every possible solution to change the sequence settings but can't seem to find anything. Any info would help, i think im just missing something.




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                                              petergaraway Adobe Employee

                                              Hi Colby,


                                              I'm not quite sure I understand the issue you're running into. Can you provide a little more info about what you're trying to accomplish?



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                                                Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                                [Off-topic posts deleted]

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                                                  cclark11869 Level 1

                                                  I think i  might have figured it out but it takes a while. What i did was

                                                  already load a bunch of clips and cut them how i want them so the clip

                                                  settings are already set to not matching the sequence. On the forum you

                                                  said that step three was 3. Add the nested sequence to the mismatched

                                                  sequence - For example 720p sequence. I tried to accomplish setting up the

                                                  warp stabilizer two ways. By nesting it which seemed faster because it

                                                  allows you to do one sequence at a time and stabilize it quicker than

                                                  having to stabalize an entire project. But I'm not sure what you meant by

                                                  add the nesting sequence to the mismatched sequence. I did use the other

                                                  way of exporting the file as an intermediate and then loading it back on as

                                                  a new sequence but then it takes forever to stabilize because its a bunch

                                                  of sequences saved as one and then re-loaded. So, it worked, but the way i

                                                  figured out how to do i is too slow. Then i ran into cropping problems, but

                                                  that might be solved by stabilizing individual sequences instead of entire

                                                  projects, if i can figure out how to add the nested sequence to the

                                                  mismatched sequence.




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                                                    I'm having trouble with warp stabilizer and hope someone can help.  I need to mention I'm brand new to using NLEs and am following along with tutorials for about 2 weeks to learn, so I am a very basic user.

                                                    I created my sequence by selecting multiple clip in my bin and dragging them onto the "New Item" icon at the bottom of the bin, allowing Premiere Pro to auto choose all the settings based on the footage by canceling when it popped up the window with all the many many choices about your footage format. The footage is just something I found online for the tutorial.  I used "Warp Stabilizer" on a clip that was jumpy and it worked fine.  I did not save, or I thought it autosaved but did not.   I then installed a program called "Post Haste" which creates an organized series of folders for your projects.  I did this because I am trying to learn good practices and being organized seems to be very important. 


                                                    I then went to "Finder (I'm on a Mac) and moved all my files for this project into the folders that "Post Haste" created.  When I restarted PPcs6 it asked me where all the files were and I went and found them all and it appeared initially that everything was  working fine(or at least it looked the same), until I tried to do the Warp Stabilizer again on exactly the same clip I had before (as I mentioned I did not save).  This time I got the message "Warp Stabilizer requires clip dimensions to match sequence"  I should also say that my fps seems to be 24 which I'm not sure they were before.  I should note that I'm in the US so I'd rather be working in NTSC and not PAL.  So naturally I'm a bit frustrated and more over baffled as to what happened.  I am assuming that moving the files to new folders somehow broke the settings.  I did find an article on Premiere Pro Project Manager which initially makes me believe that I should have somehow set up settings before moving my files but the article was very brief and I did not really get that much from it.


                                                    So  I guess my questions are:  What happened? How do I fix it?  Did I break/change my settings by moving my files?   Did the clips change from my sequence settings to their individual clip settings?  I 'm not sure what format the footage I am using was shot with/in, but since it is civil war reenactment footage I'd say it was NOT shot for PAL.   So how did it move to 24fps?  (isn't this PAL and should I not want 30fps?)

                                                    Is there a way for me to fix the entire timeline settings to all match the sequence or should I start again?


                                                    Any help including best practices going forward would be greatly appreciated.