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    Automating Camera Raw


      I looking, desperately, for a way to load a CR2 raw image directly into the Camera Raw plug in, apply the Auto setting, then Save the Image, which will then load the image into the main PS window.


      I need to do this for thousands of images, without human interaction.  I need to apply the Auto setting which will improve the quality of the image.  I'd prefer to do this using VBScript to easily incorporate it into my existing code.


      Alternatively, I'm comfortable with using an action that can be called from VBScript to do this, but the action recorder ends up with very inflexible code.


      Has anyone successfully done this or has any one seen code that should in theory be able to do this?


      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Do you mean you want the Default for ACR to be Auto Toning?  You can set this, directly, in the Camera Raw Preferences. 




          Are these untouched images that would automatically have the ACR-Default applied when opened, or do they have some non-default toning set already, that you want to reset by what you’re trying to automate? 




          Also you say you want to automate the Auto Toning and Saving of the images that will then load into the main PS window.   Does your automation include what happens to the images inside of PS, or do you just resetting things to an initial state before you manually adjust each one in PS?




          You might describe what you’re trying to automate end-to-end in case there is another way to accomplish what you’re wanting.

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            SplendidPortraitsVA Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response.


            I'm referring to the Auto in the Camera Raw plug in that adjusts the Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites & Blacks.  (I'm using CS6 with the newest Camera Raw as an FYI).  These are untouched CR2 images straight from the camera that would benefit from the AUTO setting.  Once they are placed in the main window of PS, I'll simply save them as a JPGs, then close them. 


            The end to end is as follows:


            1. Photoshop CS6 is loaded
            2. For each image that needs to be processed, the following will be done:
              1. The unedited CR2 RAW image file will be loaded into the Camera Raw plugin screen
              2. The "Auto" setting above the silders will be applied
              3. The image is saved, ala "Save Image..." and brought into the main PS window (this closes the Camera Raw plugin)
              4. The newly auto-adjusted image will be saved as a simple JPG and closed
            3. Once all images have been processed, PS will be closed.



            I'm very comfortable with loading and adjusting images using code, but I haven't been able to interact in any way with the Camera Raw plugin screen. 


            Thanks again for any help.

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              Create an action and use batch processing from Bridge...relatively easy to do without having to code it (recording the action is a bit tricky though).

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Save Image creates a new file such as a JPG, TIF, PSD, DNG, so maybe Open Image is what you mean, because that opens the image into Photoshop without writing an intermediate file, which would be more efficient.


                As far as what you want to accomplish, since these are untouched images, you can merely set Auto Toning in the ACR Preferences.  This will make any untouched RAW file have Auto Toning applied when it is opened in PS, so no clicking of buttons in ACR, at all, just opening a RAW into PS and saving the resulting JPG needs automated.


                The question then becomes how are you choosing what images to do this to?  If it is something you are doing manually, then you can use the Image Processor, either in Bridge -> Tools -> Photoshop or Photoshop -> File -> Scripts.  (These are the menu paths in Windows).  You will be able to convert from 16- to 8-bits and convert the color profile using the Image Processor, which you might want to do.


                Also, if all these images are in a single folder, and you can select them all in Bridge, then you could open then all into ACR as one large batch, and then use ACR’s Save to create the JPGs.


                If you are choosing the images in an automated way, and opening and closing Photoshop as part of the automated, which your steps suggest you are doing, then what sort of OS-level scripting or custom programming is opening Photoshop, selecting the images to be processed, and closing Photoshop?

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  As SSprengel has said, look into the Image Processor script (File - Scripts - Image Processor... in Photoshop).  It can batch convert blocks of images to other types, such as JPEG or PSD.


                  Russell Brown offers a super version of that script called Image Processor Pro, but I don't know if he's put out an update for Photoshop CS6 yet.



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                    SplendidPortraitsVA Level 1

                    ssprengel -


                    Thanks so much for the tip!  Having the Auto Toning setting on in the ACR preferences enabled me to bypass the ACR plugin screen, meaning I'm back in my wheelhouse with coding the loading and saving of the files.


                    Thanks again - you saved me quite a lot of time and hassle.