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    Prevent cross-scripting from the same domain

    Gregor Rot

      i have 2 swf files, example1.swf and example2.swf, both on the same domain.

      I load example2 in a Loader control (Flex) from example1.
      I want to prevent example2 from accessing (cross-scripting actionscript) example1. It seems that it can't be done because both files are on the same domain.

      I can't solve this problem by moving example2 to another domain and then use Security.allowDomain, because i don't have access to the source of example2 : and i have to be able to access example2 from example1, but have to deny access to example1 from example2 (always talking about cross scripting here).

      Any ideas on this?

      I looked at LoaderContext without any success.

      To sum it up: i want to load example2 inside example1, allow scripting from example1->example2 and deny scripting from example2->example1. All this using a Loader control in Flex.