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    Matching game - Draw connector behavior

    Costas_B Level 1

      Hi all,


      i'm creating an educational software and i would like to add a game -  a matching game. I found this one: http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/sprites/drawLine/index.htm , which suits me.


      I would like to add though an "accept" button , and when the user has connected names and pictures, to press the accept button and tell him/her if the connections that he/she has made are true or false.


      Could you please help me?


      Thanks in advance.



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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          go movie "http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/dragging/linkline/AcceptLine.dir"


          Does this answer your question?


          Please send me a copy of your final version of the game that you create.

          Is this for a class assignment? If so, please send me your tutor's appreciation of your work.

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            Costas_B Level 1

            Thank you for your quick response. That's exactly what i had in mind.


            I will send you a copy of my final version or even better all the educational software plus my tutor's comment - though it might be difficult to read it cause it would be in Greek language! 


            This software will be used from primary school students. The work books of the primary school students here in Greece have similar exercises. A typical work book has over 100 exercises but only 4 types of exercises (false or true, drag and drop, acrostic, fill in the blanks). So if i manage to bring those four (4) in my needs, then all the other would be much more easier (backgrounds, colors, sounds etc).


            So far your web page is extremely helpful to me.


            Things i'm looking also are (and i will create here questions):


            a. use the same ACCEPT button in drag and drop game - http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/dragging/matching/index.htm 

                 a1. minor comment: i would like each word to be dragged in each picture , and ACCEPT button do all the work - if it correct or not

            b. put score in each game and a last page with all the results


            Thank you very much. Appreciate it.


            p.s. your web page will definitely go under my "LINKS" page