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    I made a shape layer and it keeps moving in After Effects CS4.

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           I am working on a project that has a lot of masks and shape layers to frame the masks in After Effects CS4. For example- the timeline I am focusing on is 3 seconds long; there are 2 keyframes in the shape layer (vertical rectangle) the key frames are 3 seconds apart and are at the same position (511.1,89.5). If I go to the beginning of the 3 seconds hit the space bar and let it play for some reason the rectangle will move from left to right. Even if keyframes aren't there it will move- even thought the last key frame to the left is the same as the next keyframe to the right- like the first screen shot

           The best solution I've come up with for this is copy and pasting keyframes so that there is a keyframe for each frame within the 3 seconds, then I get a time line like the second screen shot.

           Is there something I could use where I could select 2 identical keyframes a few second apart and make the shape stay in the same spot with out turning it into the second screen shot? It's all about speed and getting things done quickly in this business isn't it?

           I also had one other question-is there a shortcut for inserting a keyframe in the timeline? I found a page with all the shortcut and couldn't find one- there should be.

           Thank you guys, you've been life savers in the past!pic 1.pngpic 2.png

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Sounds like the "boomerang" effect.

          Read up on it here.

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            Dan Fredley Level 1

            As far as keyboard shortcuts go you need to hold option/alt down plus the "show/hide properties" keyboard shortcut to toggle between adding and removing keyframes.  Adobe doesn't take the liberty to document them all in their keyboard shortcuts page so here goes:


            Option+P: Position keyframe

            Option+R: Rotation keyframe (adds keyframe to all rotation and orientation values if layer is 3D)

            Option+S: Scale keyframe

            Option+A: Anchor Point keyframe

            Option+T: Opacity keyframe (adds an Intensity keyframe if layer is a 3D Light)

            Option+M: Mask Path keyframe

            Option+F: Mask Feather keyframe

            Option+L: Audio Levels keyframe


            *This only works for single letter shortcuts--double letters don't work (i.e. TT for mask opacity, RR for time-remapping, etc.).

            *Option+Shift + the letter will also work which is good if you've remapped the Option+Letter for other things such as launching scripts--which I have.


            On the "boomerang" effect, I would highly recommend you go into your Preferences>"General" tab and turn on "Default spatial interpolation to linear" then you can manually add bezier handles to your keyframes in the composition viewer if needs be.

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              sensory_overflow Level 1

              It helped a lot thanks! The  Preferences >General tab and "Default spatial interpolation to linear" helped. But also a link gave me another great tip -

              If there are 2 keyframes in a timeline choose the keyframe on the left,

              ctrl + right click  the keyframe and choose >Toggle hold keyframe   -it won't move anymore.


              Thanks again!