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    How to put .swf into specific location?

    FlashKatt Level 1

      I've just published a .swf and need to put in on my page..which has a design to it and a location for samples, like flash work.


      I have no clue how to get that .swf onto my page into the spot set aside for samples of my work.


      I see the code of the flash-generated HTML page, and comparing it to the code of my own HTML page, I do not see the corresponding begin/end points for inserting the code that governs the flash content.


      Am I making this too hard? Is there any easy way to get the flash content into my existing web page?


      thank you!



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          adninjastrator Level 4

          The Flash content will be inside a container <div> which may also have an identifier, something like <div id="flash">.

          That is the start point of the Flash content.

          Inside that container will be a couple of <object> tags...they will close like this </object>, then probably the "Get Adobe Player" stuff, and then finally the closing div tag, </div>.

          That is the ending tag of the Flash content.

          Copy the entire

          <div id="flash">

          all the flash content


          and paste into the location you want on your other Web page

          Besides the container <div>, you'll also need to place any script links used in the <head>... any .swfobject.js or AC_Run links..... copy paste those links into your new page.

          Of course if you alter the paths to any of the scripts or Flash content because your Web page is in a different folder than the Flash page, then you'll need to manually edit those paths.... such as

          <script type="text/javascript" src="style_sheets/swfobject.js"></script>

          Best wishes,


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            FlashKatt Level 1

            thank you, adninjastrator!