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    How do I preserve parent layers when exporting an After Effects file as a Premiere project?


      I'm using After Effects CS 5.5 version, Premiere Pro CS 5.5 version 5.5.0, and Mac OS X version 10.6.8.


      My problem is, I have an After Effects animation that has one parent layer that moves during the course of the animation and several child layers attached to it. When I preview it in AE, it works just fine - the child layers move witht he parent layer, affixed at the proper point.


      However, when I export the AE file (.aep) as a Premiere Pro Project (.prproj), then preview it in Premiere, the child layers do not move with the parent layer - only the parent layer moves, leaving the child layers stuck in their original places. I have tried exporting the movie, but the problem remains the same.


      I have also tried installing recent updates, but I got the message "Updates not applicable." I think this may have to do with he fact that my university owns the licenses and prohibits changes to be made to the software or something, but in any case, I did not see anything relating to my problem in the list of bugs the updates fix.


      Can anyone help me solve this problem?