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    unresolved issues


      Thankfully I've figured out a bunch of problems(much appreciated), and my rendering abilities are back, plus learned a bunch of new things. but these are my leftover issues from my campaign for a clean render!:)


      -Export having transparent moving lines on certain parts of the footage that weren't on original footage, and only sometimes appear on export.When I do a test render of a small 10 second portion, they appear in mpeg 2 renders, but not in h264. When I render in half hour sections, lines appear in both.


      - Timeline continually forgetting then remembering where a clip is, making me unable to render that part.Unless it seems, I render at a time when it remembers.


      -Export upsizing the size of picture on export, and making me need to downsize and re import/export.making it wider and taller from like 100 to 133. After I export second time, it doesn't change the picture size.


      -Not being able to figure out the best way to reduce black and lighten footage with color correct or other programs.I'm a novice to color correct, but so far it just adds white to the footage and can't get rid of the extra black that appears when the file is put on a t.v. and blacks into the face of an actor!