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    Is 10.6.7 OK for PP CS6?

    DMHP Level 1

      Upgrading my 5.0.x SSD boot drive to CS6. Currently at 10.6.7 for one piece of legacy sfw. Would it be very advisable to go to to 10.6.8 before installing CS6. I am completely removing 5.0.x including cleaner. 10.6.8 breaks MJPEG B support which Media 100 Suite needs for legacy material. I have 10.6.7 on another boot drive, but I am wary of 10.6.8 because I have heard rumors of other QT issues. Impressed with CS6 on my 10.7.4 boot, but not ready to totally make that jump. Any advice Todd or others? And Nikon 7000 support IS back!