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    Bridge stops recognizing it's own .xmp files from Canon 5DMKIII

    Wes Duenkel

      I use Bridge to add keywords to my RAW files. I use both a Canon 1D MKII and a Canon 5D MKIII camera. I use Canon's "Digital Photo Professional" (DPP) to process my RAW files because I prefer the colors (I am a picky perfectionist, so don't try and convince me to use ACR to process my RAW files!) When I make changes to my RAW files shot with the 5DMKIII in DPP and "save" the changes to the RAW files, Bridge suddenly doesn't recognize the file's associated .xmp file, and my keyword association is lost. If I simply open the file in TextEditor and re-save it, suddenly Bridge recognizes the file again. RAW images shot and processed with this same procedure from my Canon 1D MKII don't exhibit this problem.


      This thread from a couple years ago is the same problem I am experiencing:




      Is there any other solutions to this? I shoot several thousand images per weekend, and opening each file in TextEdit and saving is NOT an option!


      Please help!


      P.S., I'm using Bridge CS5.1 v