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    Problem Publishing to HTML


      I don't know if this should go in the Flash or Dreamweaver Forum, but I have a Flash document that I need to translate into HTML. When I publish my file, I open it in Dreamweaver and instead of the gray box with a flash icon in the middle, I get the "Get Adobe Flash Player" Icon. along with the line of text: "This page requires Flash Player version 9.0.124 or higher." I have Flash Player 11, so this shouldn't be a problem. What's even more frustrating is, for testing, I opened a flash document that I already have published to the web and when I publish that file, everything works just fine. I have the Publish settings identical between the two files. I have the SWFObject.js and AC_RunActiveConent.js in my folder with the published file. I also have both of these javascripts in the folder of my previous file.


      Has anyone encountered this and knows what could be wrong?


      In Dreamweaver, when I preview in browser, it comes up OK in Firefox and Chrome, but in IE I get the icon about the Flash Player.


      Also, in Dreamweaver, I can't get my file centered.

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          When you are testing locally in IE, are you see a yellow bar running across the very top of the Flash? This is an IE security feature for Active X. Be sure to "Allow Blocked Content". That may be all that it takes.

          If you are still having problems, post a link to the actual page so we can all take a look. Then it should be very easy to spot the problem.

          To center your Flash, you'll need to place the Flash in a container and give that container a set width... it can't be 100%.

          Not sure of your HTML skills.... but think of it this way... give the Flash container a width, 960px for example, and then give both the right and left sides an auto margin, like this in the <head>.

          <style type="text/css">


          #flash {

          border: 0px;

          margin: 0px;

          padding: 0px;

          width: 960px;

          background-color: #ffffff;

          margin-left: auto;

          margin-right: auto;




          This will center the container <div id="flash">

          Best wishes,