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    How to combine my 2 adobe accounts!


      How is it possible to transfer purchases from one account to another? Both accounts are mine. First is under personal email. Second is under college email. I have numerous files I purchased under one account (this one) over a period of ~5 years. However, very recently I must have created a second account thinking it was something else. Now my computer is authorized only for the second, but not for the first.


      Is it possible to either transfer my purchases from the one account to the other, or to possibly merge them? Thanks.

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          The short answer to you question is no.  You can't combine accounts.  The

          longer answer involves changing ADE's ID back and forth between the two

          that you used before.  That answer is yes. You can change the authorization

          in ADE: the HELP section (F1 key from Library or Reading view) will tell

          you how to deauthorize ADE and reauthorize it.