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    gradient-based vectorization

    plutonak Level 1

      Hi all,


      is there a chance to see a gradient-based vectorization available soon in Illustrator similar to what's already existing [1]


      [1] http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/jiansun/videos/GMesh_336.wmv

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          Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3



          The video is showing the Mesh Tool that´s already avaliable in Illustrator and some artworks made using this feature.


          Look at this Illustrator help page for basic explanations: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/illustrator/cs/using/WSCE9DB411-38B8-40c6-9CF4-559875C7DFD4.ht ml#WS714a382cdf7d304e7e07d0100196cbc5f-64d8a


          Best Regards


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            plutonak Level 1

            I'm aware of the Mesh Tool but my question was about the vectorization of a raster image using the Mesh Tool, ie, I do not want to do it by myself : that would be an extension of the existing Vectorization Tool with gradients.

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              photodrawken Level 5

              I think that the Gradient Mesh technology you linked to seems old-fashioned -- it's an enhancement of the already available Mesh tool.


              Far more interesting is the Diffusion Curves technology:



              Most of the researchers credited in that paper were at the time working under the auspices of Adobe Labs.  In fact, their paper was available at the time from the Adobe Labs site, and I'm disappointed that IL CS6 doesn't have Diffusion Curves.  Oh well, maybe IL CS7....



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                plutonak Level 1

                yes, that's what they say: gradient mesh is an old technology but still, it is not implemented in Illustrator as an automatic Vectorization Tool, hence my question. Maybe, as you said, they'll add the diffustion Curves technology in the coming versions, and I'd be happy with that: I am just wondering when. Thanks

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                  Gustavo Del Vechio Level 3

                  Hi plutonak


                  I think it would be difficult for implement a vectorization process that results in mesh objects. Really a big difficult to develop...big investiment in money and time. I´m not telling it on behalf of AI TEAM...it´s only my personal opinion


                  When we think to make a perfect mesh element we need to take care about the shape, the path and it´s anchor point. When you have a planned and good shape you can also have a good result in mesh. But if you have let´s say a poor shape drawn..with excessive anchor points...corner and smooth anchors making a non controlled shape then this could be a problem when inserting the colors and controlling the mesh.


                  An auto vectorization with mesh results would need to be able to recognize perfectlly the shapes of the raster image. I imagine vectorizing an eye or a low resolution image. How Illustrator would distinct where eye begins and it´s subdivisions. The new Image Trace that´s in Illustrator CS6 is perhaps the top vectorization feature we have in the market. And if you order to vectorize images the result is very good but wont be so good as drawing manually and controlling the shapes. The Image Trace result is not so perfect so you you can say it´s totally equal to raster image shapes.


                  So....in my humble opinion...I think we spend less time studying hard drawing processes...light and shapes concepts...and all drawing techniques...and how to be specialist to Illustrator features.this would spend less time than expecting such feature


                  If I day we had such feature with perfects results..then I could presume it would be almost the way to increase the size of raster images without lose any quality and detais. Who know?


                  Just my opinion

                  Best Regards


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                    Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    In advance: the best quality meshes still have to be created manually.


                    But, you could use the plugin Mesh Tormentor



                    to create a mesh automatically. First place a photo, then convert a rectangle to a mesh just using the menu command. Make it "High res" using many rows and columns. Then use Mesh Tormentor to pick up the colors from the underlying image.


                    As stated above, the more intelligently crafted your mesh was, the better the result. Using just the rows and grids, the result might be poor. But it might also be just good enough for the purpose.

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                      plutonak Level 1

                      interesting plugin.