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    Please read: Changes to CS6 Help

    Preran Adobe Employee

      Currently CS6 help is only available online.  Users can access online help within the product or from this CS6 help hub (http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite.html).  The PDF will be available in June. 


      UPDATE July 2012:  PDFs are now available.  Install them directly with the Adobe Help Manager or access them directly here.


      More on CS6 Help  changes here:



      More info about CS6


      Adobe Community Help for Creative Suite 6 has changed:

      • A Help article can document multiple versions of the product (CS6, CS5.5, or CS5). The applicable versions are indicated in the article sidebar and in the topic titles.  There is no separate help for each product version.
      • The table of contents has changed.  Help topics now integrate contributions from across Adobe and our community. It displays content for CS5, CS5.5 and CS6. , Think of Community Help as collections of related items rather than structured books. Adobe will continually curate and add to the collections.
      • Help now opens Pressing F1 or selecting Help in your product opens a topic browsing page in a web browser. The web page combines community contributions and Adobe content. Browse the content by topic categories. Click the More link in a category to see a complete list of related items.
      • Offline Help is a PDF instead of HTML in the Community Help browser.  If you want to access Help when you're offline, a PDF is available for download.
      • Content is no longer displayed in a stand-alone Help viewer but in your web browser.


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          franzen33 Community Member

          Hello, thanks for this info - I am currently trying CS 6 to find out whether it is worthful to change from CS 5.5. For the moment, I had to say yes, definitely! But then I came across the help issue and this is nearly a no-go for me. The community help in CS 5.5 worked perfectly, especially the offline-reader (I am using your products half of the time offline because of very limited internet connection and using help on a daily basis).

          The stand alone help viewer had many advantages:

          - it was able to handle context-sensitive help, ie. in ActionScript, just highlight a keyword and press F1

          - it was rendering and displaying nicely, and was independent of my web browser (my default browser has usually many tabs open and now I have to search for the adobe-help every time)

          - it was fast (in comparision to the online help)


          Is it possible to switch back to the community help?

          Thanks and best regards!

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            Todd_Kopriva Adobe Employee

            Here are links to the documents for all CS6 applications, in both PDF and HTML format:

            http://blogs.adobe.com/premiereprotraining/2010/08/help-documents-for- creative-suite-5-pdf-and-html.html