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    GTX 285 and no GPU acceleration in Premiere Pro CS6




      I have a Mac Pro (2009 / 2010) with a GTX 285 videocard installed. The system is 10.7.4, all the latest GPU and CUDA drivers from Nvidia are installed. The GTX 285 works fine with no issues. But Premiere Pro CS6 won't use GPU acceleration for Mercury engine playback, the option is greyed out, only software playback is possible.


      If I go to the terminal and use the GPU sniffer, the following appears:




      --- GPU Computation Info ---

      Found 2 devices supporting GPU computation.

      OpenCL Device 0 -

         Name: GeForce GTX 285

         Capability: 1.1

         Driver: 1

         Total Video Memory: 1024MB

         Not chosen because it did not match the named list of cards




      If I go to the list with supported CUDA cards, the GeForce GTX 285 is on the first place! And the name is typed exactly the same way as the GPU sniffer detection.

      What can I do?


      Thank you for your help!