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    error 6 PS - error 3 Illustrator CS5.5 Creative Suite Design Premium Student Teacher Edition


      These programs are great - though this is a problem I have encountered

      Some of the PS tools seemed to be attracted to various points - I.e strange mouse behaviour etc (hard to notice)

      On boot up I had some other meltdown type error messages that required computer to boot in repair mode

      This worked however when I tried to launch PS I got - error 6 message

      Tried Illustrator and got an error message 3

      error messages in all other programs in the suite

      The suggestion was that I uninstall Adobe CS5.5

      I looked for sugestions on this forum and tried a few, but none seemed to work - also found helpful sites that said 'download this program that will fix everything' - NOT

      Solution - Uninstall through control panel

      Reinstall - Adobe accepted my SN

      Everything seems to be running OK again

      Set a restore point for this (just in case)

      Time - probably around half an hour ( stress time not included)

      CS5.5 is now installed to the SSD drive where as previously I put it on a hitachi 7200 ata ( that should speed it up a bit)

      Lets see how this goes!

      Addendum - All seems to be working well 2 months on

      Still all ok 29/10/12