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    Why no touch apps in the cloud?

    Mr. Met Level 3

      I just read the MacWorld review of cloud subcriptions and I see touch apps are not included in cloud. I was always under the assumption that touch apps were definitely part of the cloud but from what I'm reading this morning you have to buy 3 separate subscriptions to get them all. Is this a bait and switch thing or were the articles and promos misleading? I'm a bit mystified. I see the Adobe site has a footnote next to touch apps but I can't recall if it was there 3 months ago. Buying touch apps effectively adds at least 20% to cost of subscription if I'm reading correctly.


      Here's one article that specifies that the cloud includes touch apps. Here's yet another article saying touch apps included.


      What's up with the confusion? The touch apps are what I'm excited about and now I find I need two separate cloud subscriptions.


      [edit] Okay. I see touch apps are one time purchases from Apple Store or at least that's what I'm inferring.

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          Log Home Level 1

          It's a bait and switch.  When I heard about Creative Cloud at Adobe Max, I knew right away that the apps would never work.  It's common knowledge that Apple and Adobe will never mix on a subscription level.

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            KeyStudio Level 2

            I suspect that given time, they will become rolled into the CC.


            It's not a smart pricing plan and I doubt it will play out well. When Adobe has a bunch of touch apps no one's buying, they will roll them into CC. I mean, who else besides CC customers would be buying them?


            This is the same thing that happened when Adobe insisted on having corporate pricing for the Digital Publishing Suite when everyone using it was asking for individual plans. Low and behold, that plan is now slated to be lumped into CC.


            And I know that once I pay for CC, I am not ponying up money for anything extra. I'd rather do without.