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    Camera Raw CS4 5.2 Update/Panasonic LX5 .RW2 Files Won't Open


      Hi, recently purchased a Panasonic LX5 that shoots raw using the .rw2 extension. Tried importing into Camera Raw via Bridge, but couldn't get it to open. Read around and discovered that Raw needs to be manually updated to 5.2 and some profiles need to be installed (which I've done). Went to the Adobe download section and followed the directions for installing on a mac (OS 10.6.8) - when I open up other files it reads Camera Raw 5.2 at the top. However, the Panasonic LX5 files still won't open. Did some more searching and I've read that everything from the "files will open without problem" to "they need to be converted using a .DNG converter." So, I'm confused; am I doing something wrong? Is there an additional step I'm missing to the 5.2 update? Do I just need to download the .DNG converter and use that? Any help is appreciated.


      I'm on:

      Mac 10.6.8

      Running CS4