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    Is there anyway to get Premiere to acknowledge my Logitech C910 for capture?


      Currently using the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 and am desperately hoping that there is a way to use this device within Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5/6.0.


      I can not find it listed within APP.


      I have Googled this question, as well as searched the Adobe FAQ's to no avail.


      In the event that APP can not natively use this cam, for technical reasons such as maybe, it is a USB cam, and APP can only capture from 1394, etc, etc, or what ever reason, then is there a way to, shall we say, reverse engineer APP into using this cam, weather through a usb to 1394 adapter, etc, I don't know, I am just taking a stab here?


      Any help with this is beyond appreciated, as this cam is a true gem as far as the quality of image/video capture.


      Thank you.