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    Lost Sound on Video


      Hi,  I have training video's I offer to clients and have not had problems with their sound.  I keep several copies of the video as I make minor changes to enhance them.  There is one clip that tests fine using Windows Media Player for sound. 


      I opened my most recent pre video to make some changes.  I found the clip in question played with the audio without a problem the first time through.  I tested it a 2nd time and there is just a short segment of audio from the clip and then there was no audio track until the next clip.


      I tested the clip by double clicking it within Premiere and it popped into the window the first time with sound.  The 2nd time duplicated what I just explained above.


      I allowed the video to open completely before beginning to do anything with it so I know everything updated in the beginning.


      Sigh, I really need this to start working.


      Any suggestions?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Part of what you describe, points to a problem with the CFA (Conformed Audio) file, but then some of the behavior does not - the playability initially, as if the CFA file is corrupt, or missing, or was not allowed to complete, then one would NOT get the initial good playback.


          Let's step back a moment, and talk about the Conforming of the Audio. This ARTICLE goes into more detail. PrE does not play the Audio from the Source File directly, as WMP, VLC, or even the Source Monitor, will. Instead, for editing, it accesses the CFA file, which has been created to provide 32-bit floating point Audio for precise editing.


          Now, the CFA files (along with the PEK, or Waveform Display files) are located in the Media Cache folder in the Scratch Disks area. Where are your Scratch Disks located - usually Same As Project, by default?


          When you do loose the Audio, does the Waveform Display also go flatline?


          Which Audio Track(s) are these problem Clips located in the Timeline?


          A puzzle, due to that initial good, or partial playback, followed by the total loss of Audio.


          Good luck,