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    Updating XML Over the Net

      Dear Sir/ Madam

      Hi! can i updating the xml data in http from director? below is the xml data that i want to update e.g.
      updating the record "status".

      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <team user="agent">

      Can i just sending the value point to a the child and node and updating it lively!

      Please advice. Thanks Thanks
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          Ex Malterra Level 1
          When the XML file is on the server the server usually needs to update the file. You'll need to use a server-side technology to update the file, like PHP, AP/ASP.net, ColdFusion, etc. If you don't already have any server-side scripting knowledge I would recommend learning PHP as it's free, truly cross platform, and is included with most web hosting plans. A great free resource for learning PHP (and just about anything dealing with web programming) is W3Schools. You'll find server scripting and lots more. HTH.