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    Weird problem with 'place' pictures




      I've got the following problem, maybe someone can help. I both have CS3 en CS5.


      The project that needs to be done, needs to be done in CS3




      I've got 2 pictures: both 600 x 600 px / 72dpi / jpg


      So everything is the same.


      Now I wanted to work on a new project and made a document with the same size (600 x 600).
      I placed the first image. It was a perfect fit.
      Then I wanted to place the second one. It was a lot smaller. The weird thing is. It is the same size as the other picture which fitted perfectly.



      When I did the same thing with the same setup, the same pictures, etc. In CS5 it DID work. I can't figure out whats wrong then.


      Maybe someone can help me. Thanks so much in advance