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    Audio Noise in exported file

    dh91 Level 1

      Hey all. This is driving me crazy and can't figure it out. Using Premiere CS6


      I am editing 1920x1080 24p ProRes 422 footage, with audio being synced up from an external source. Audio is .wav 48 khz 16 bit.


      I am increasing the gain by right clicking>audio gain, and bringing it up about 30 dB. The vocals are then where I want them, but there is a bit of audio noise. I apply the denoiser and make my adjustment and ALL of the noise is gone. First time I did this I thought it was a miracle because it sounded fantastic!


      I went and exported my sequence, 1920 x 1080 24p ProRes Audio 48, 16 bit uncompressed.


      And to my horror, where the audio bits come in, there is very obvious audio noise. It wasn't like this when editing the project, only when it was exported. In the sequence it sounds great.


      I'm tried creating different sequences, exporting with different audio formats, but I can't figure this out. The rest of the audio, mostly ambiences and other sounds with no effects applied, sound great.


      One thing I noticed, is that when right click and go to properties on the audio file it says:


      Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 16 bit - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo


      So apparently the source is different from the project? I would think Premiere could handle slightly different formats. Not sure if this is the issue, because I can't seem to select audio presets when creating a new sequence.





      Computer specs:

      MBP 2009 2.53 ghz c2d

      8gb ram

      500 gb int

      1tb external fw 800 media drive