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    repeat the formulas in diferent fields


      Have been trying to get some info in google, nothing useful. My problem is the following :

      I have an array similar a table, lets say  3 rows & 3 columns,  in each of field of colunm 3  i must Have the result of multiply first fields X second field (everithing in the same row). The formula is:


      field 3.1 = field 1.1 * field 2.1  thats is the result for the first row , for the second row will be  field 3.2 =  etc etc


      Here is the thing ; if I have more than 20 rows, I have to write the formula +20 times


      Then, how I repeat the same formula with the apropiate indexes in formCalc ????????????

      I am thinking about some similar to exel, if you pulldown  the handle for the first cell, exell repeat the formula with the indexes according the cell position


      Could be done something similar or formCalc use other method



      Please, HHHHHelp is greatly appreciatted