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    Yes, another computer build but with a specific purpose.

    Peter Culley

      Firstly, I thankyou if you have even opened this thread. Forgive me if my question seems innane!


      I am planning a new computer build for the following purpose


      • PS CS6 - working files at 2GB plus
      • Premiere CS6*


      *My video work is very specific. Projects are atypically less than 5 mins in duration and often 30sec TVC type spots.

      Source material is AVCHD, PNG and in near future uncompressed files from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera (10bit)

      Final output is to be broadcast HD quality at top end and many at web level via YouTube.


      I try to be 'tidy' in my editing and keep track numbers to 4 (if that makes any difference?)


      I am not the most tech savvy guy by a long shot, compared to Bill and Harm I'd be luck to rate .2 on the richter scale.


      My thoughts thus far are this:


      • Full tower
      • 3690 proc
      • 64GB of ram
      • MOBO? Not sure if to wait for 'Blunderbolt'
      • ****Numerous HDD's as required
      • GTX680
      • Win 7 64


      ****So the question I know will roll your eyes! Mother look away now... This may get ugly!


      Given the short durations and 10bit source, can I avoid RAID? I know enough that a few layers of 10bit must be a huge amount of data (back to no other way than raid) but wondering how it compares to different intensive compressed codecs such as AVCHD? Should I put on my tin foil hat and hide?


      I would really appreciate your thoughts.




      Peter Lloyd Culley.