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    Getting fatal Exit Code 34 when installing an app

    7.Peaks Level 1

      Anyone running into this?  I download an app (PS 6, ID 6, etc.) via AAM and then it tries to install.  Towards the end of the install I get a Fatal Error with Exit Code 34.  The log msg reads:


      FATAL: Payload '{E2286898-049D-43EF-AA30-0A93E3744AC3} Camera Profiles Installer_7.1_AdobeCameraRawProfile7.0All' information not found in Media_db.


      I tried downloading and installing a trial version of PS 6 and the same error occurred.  I tried running the CS Clean-up Tool but it said that there were no CS sessions installed on my iMac (latest version of Lion).  I completely deleted beta and trial versions of CS apps before running AAM.  I did have the RC candidate of Camera Raw 7.1 loaded on my Mac at one time but there is no uninstall app for that (at least that I can tell). It seems that the RC 7.1 may be involved with this error but I can't pinpoint how to get rid of it.


      Any ideers out there?