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    CS6 alternate layouts with table of contents

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I currently use Indesign's books panel to work with separate chapters of a book. I have two separate table of contents files - one for print publishing and the other for online use. The print version is just a more condensed version of the TOC.


      Up until recently my method for handling these two separate files was that I'd have one or the other in the books panel. If I was working on the web version, then the web TOC file would be included in the books panel and vica versa for the print TOC. I'd update the version of the TOC for whichever file was currently in the books panel and then export to pdf.


      I've since upgraded to CS6 and have found out about the alternate layout feature. I thought about having just one TOC file for both the print and online versions and then have an alternate layout within that one file. Since the online and print versions each have their own separate TOC setup, I wondered whether it was possible to target one or the other layout (within the same file) and update the TOC according to the correct style for that layout.


      I'm not sure whether this  alternate layout feature is meant to work with long documents that contain TOCs but would appreciate any advice.