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    Primary text frames

    gwhPoster Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I have another question regarding the CS6 primary text frames.


      I have a CS5 document that contains  ordinary text boxes on the master pages. On the document pages, these master text frames appear but they're not in use, ie. they weren't overridden so that the text would flow into them. Instead, new threaded text frames were placed on top of the unused master frames. In CS5, I had a lot of problems with files crashing because of this.


      Now that I have CS6, I wanted to convert these troubled files and utilise the new primary text frames. If I open up the old CS5 document within CS6 and then convert the text frames on the master pages to primary text frames, this will change the frames on the document pages to be primary, but as mentioned all the text on the document pages is still being contained by text frames that sit above the master text frames.


      So the question is, how can I open the CS5 document in CS6, delete the old master text frames and then have the text frames on the document pages become linked to new primary text frames that would need to be added to the master pages.


      Sorry I know that was confuisng but I didn't know how else to explain it.


      Appreciate any further help.