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    Highlight substituted fonts and glyphs

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      I have a couple of issues -

      1) In Illustrator, when a document is opened, we are able to go to document set up window and highlight substituted fonts and glyphs.


      I am writing a CS5 SDK extension for Illustrator and I was wondering if there is a way to achieve the same via the SDK. I was unable to find any DocumentSetUp options at all in the aPI documentation. Any help on this front is greatly appreciated.


      2) I had another question too. Is there a way to find missing fonts in Illustrator? I used the script from http://forums.adobe.com/thread/846693#3652559 and I translated it to the SDK successfully. But my client has their fonts in a font server. In that case, the system fonts never get updated and they keep seeing the missing font dialog over and over again in spite of replacing their fonts from the font server. Is there a better way to find missing fonts in Illustrator like we have for Indesign?


      thanks  in advance for any help on this front.

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          jkidwell Level 2

          If the font server has associated clients that include font auto-activation plug-ins, you won't see those missing font dialogs. The plug-in requests the font from the client when the document is opened. This is likely a problem with the font server client installation. If your client is using Universal Type Server, just re-install the Type Client and the appropriate plug-ins will be installed for CS5.


          Jim Kidwell