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    Pictorial Chart


      I would like to create a simple flash program to do the following things:


      Create a simple pictorial chart by using USB barcode scanner, just like you go to supermarket, and pick 3 can of ABC drinks, 2 Apples and 4 French Fries


      Each of the product have a barcode on it, each product with a unique barcode for the same product

      (say code of ABC drink is 1234, code of Apple is 567, Code of French Fries is 890)


      When the program start, it will shows a blank stage, and the listener start to listen to barcode scanner event


      Once a user put the 1st ABC drink barcode under the barcode scanner, the barcode is input into the listener and the flash shows a image of the ABC drinks on the stage, the user go on process the other 2 ABC drinks, 2 Apple and 3 French Fries


      Eventually, the stage shows 3 ABC drinks image in a column, 2 Apples in another and 3 French Fries in the their column



      My question is as follow: (I am using Adobe Suite CS6, Flash included)

      1) how to handle the USB-barcode scanner event



      I have draw a sample layout as attachment