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    Premiere CS5 h264 sync issue


      I'm having SERIOUS  sync problems when exporting a film to a h264 format. (Before i used primarely Flash and Windows media and haven´t had any problems). The sync issue can be seen in Quick time player, on Macs and on some online video platforms that I use.

      The sync issue occurs more in some films and  less in some films that I'm producing. I have tried to isolate the problem, effects used , audio format etc etc. , but i haven't found  any effects or anything that causes the problem. I'm out of sync by 6-12 frames.

      This is a major problem as my clients prefer h264 and h264 has superior quality to other formats. (Quality as a function of file size).


      To solve this with a temp. fix i do the following;


      I export the finished film to a MPEG 2 format (about 300Meg for a 3 minute film). And convert the film to mp4 using a 3rd party converter. By doing this i lose som quality but the film i in-sync. This is a short term solution and i have to switch to another editing software unless this is fixed on the CS6. Adobe just refers to forums and can't/won't be at any help on this.


      Anyone out there that has experienced the same problems?

      I have premiere on 4 different pcs in different confíguration , with or without gtx470 graphicts, on laptop etc etc. , so, please don't ask me  "What is you system configuration...etc" . This is NOT a system related issue.


      rgds msx

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          The QuickTime player often has this issue.  It is best not used at all.  Instead, try the free and excellent VLC player.


          Having said that, there are free encoders out there (MeGUI, Handbrake, Xvid4PSP, etc.) which use the x264 encoder, which many find superior to others like the MainConcept encoder Adobe uses.  But your best bet here is to export out a lossless intermediate rather than a highly compressed MPEG.  The UT codec is free, lossless, plays nice with Adobe software, and since version 11, is now both read and write capable on Macs.