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    Image Mapping a .png


      Hello I am trying to add links to an image and then add it to my web page...I have been trying to use the slice tool in photoshop which works great for the links but I can't seem to achieve a transparent background in the save for web...


      Inside of photoshop the image is transparent and when I save for web (image) the map.png file is not created...map_01.png, map_02.png and all others are created but not the map.png file


      When I have saved for web (html) I have tried inserting the html into an iframe on the page and the image looks and functions correctly but there is no transparent background because it is an <iframe> and not the actual .png


      any ideas would be very much appreciated...a dreamweaver user trying to integrate new tools! and if i should be using a different program tell me!


      Thanks for whats good