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    Un docked documents move to the left

    jacksonphotoworks Level 1

      In Photoshop CS6 if one wants to use floating document windows (I don't care for tabs) the opened image cannot be moved around the interface. If you drag the image the document window snaps back to where you moved it from plus some amount to the left. Eventually if you keep trying to drag it to a new location it will move all the way to the left side of the screen and will snap back there when you try to move it. I often like to have several images up at once as I do comps and I am very disappointed that such a major interface issue made it through testing un-noticed. (Yes, I'm upset although I realize Adobe is pushing the tabbed window interface and didn't think to test the old way)


      This happens on both my laptop PC and my Desktop. Both Windows 7 64bit pro machines and each have 8G of ram. Desktop has Nvidia graphics and the laptop has Intel graphics. Happens in both 32 and 64 bit versions of windows.





      Just tried this and discovered this happens in InDesgin and Illustrator also so this is more than just a photoshop problem.