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    New to digital pub


      My company has 2 and soon 3 product catalogs created in ID for print.  We need to move them to the iPad for use by our sales team only, at first then possibbly free to our clients.  We want to utilize some interactive elements as well. 

      We have a design person that is very good in photoshop and FrameMaker so we are not to worried about the layout issues.  My question is what format and system would we need to use to accomplish this on the cheap.  Would we use. ePub,  digital magazine.  Then what is the best way to distribute. We have the go ahead for one of the adobe suites.  But I assume to distribute via the AppStore is very expensive.  Any information or help is appreciated. 

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          If you want to avoid using AppStore as distribution channel and use your own server instead,one possible option is to create so called web-apps instead of native iOS apps. Web-apps are a kind of very sofisticated HTML5 web-pages which has been made to look like native iPad apps.


          If you are interested in that, you may want to check out eDocker Tablet Publisher ( http://www.edocker.com )

          With Tablet Publisher you can create HTML5 web-apps from InDesign. You can add hyperlinks, videos, html/javascript content to your pages. After you are ready, you can publish web-app to your own server. Then you simply share the URL of that web-app to your users with email, facebook, twitter etc. They will open web-app with iPad´s Safari browsers and if they want, they can install web-app to their iPad´s Homescreen (desktop) with 3 taps.

          eDocker also creates a fallback for computer. If someone goes to your web-app´s URL with computer, he/she will see tablet-simulator in his/her computer screen.


          eDocker is not free, but if you purchase a license for it, you can use it as much as you like without any additional costs.


          If you want to see a sample issue, go to


          where you will find a short basic sample ans longer sample with some interactive widget (at seconf half)


          Check also this awsome commercial iPad brochure (this is landscape so rotate your device to landscape mode before you start)



          You can read those with your iPad´s Safari or you can "install" them by tapping small arrow icon on the left side of your browser´s address bar and choosing Add to Homescreen. Then you will have a customized icon in your homescreen and viewer opens up in fullscreen mode as well. Both samples are working with computer browser too (FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE9>)



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            PDF? iBooks has no problems with basic PDF -- I'm assuming your print version does not contain anything iBooks *has* problems with (movies, buttons, Flash...).