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    Backup Crashes

    nuttupeditor Level 1

      I'm running

      Elements Organizer

      Core Version: 8.0 (20090905.r.605812)

      Language Version: 8.0 (20090905.r.605812)


      Current Catalog:

      Catalog Name: My Catalog

      Catalog Location: E:\My Catalog\

      Catalog Size: 61.1MB

      Catalog Cache Size: 312.6MB



      Operating System Name: Windows 7

      Operating System Version: 6.1 Service Pack 1

      System Architecture: Intel CPU Family:6 Model:10 Stepping:7 with MMX, SSE Integer, SSE FP

      Built-in Memory: 4GB

      Free Memory: 4GB


      Important Drivers / Plug-ins / Libraries:

      Microsoft DirectX Version: 9.0

      Apple QuickTime Version: 7.71

      Adobe Reader Version: 10.1

      Adobe Acrobat Version: 9.5


      CD and DVD drives:

      G: (ASUS DRW-24B1ST BUS: 2 ID: 2 Firmware: a)


      Whenever I try and Back up my catalog the program crashes.  I've tried both complete and Incremental.  The Dialogue to calculate size appears for about 1 second before it crashes.

      I have addes a lot of pics and have done a ton of tagging etc. so I really need to find a way to back up my catalog.  Any suggestions?