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    Upgrade now or later?

    jabra27 Level 1

      Need the opinion of those who know.


      I am in the middle of dance recital season, 6 shot, 6 more to go. Do you think CS6 is stable enough and provides enough improvements over CS5.5 to upgrade now? Or should I wait until the shows are finished. (2 months from now)


      I'm going to upgrade, it's just a mater of when. I'm afraid of upgrading and having issues that delay the production of the projects.


      I know my machine is up to the task, thanks to the knowledge of the "Gurus" here on the forums, so that is not an issue. Just want to make sure there aren't any bugs that need to be dealt with before running smoothly.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Finish projects in the version you started with. Never change program versions during a project. EOS.

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            jabra27 Level 1

            Speaking of Gurus... I hear and obey.


            By the way Harm, thank you for all the excellent advice you give here on the forums. You have helped me, and I'm sure countless others, numerous times.


            Very much appreciated!



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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Even those of us who would like to sell you software agree with Harm's advice. ;-)

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                However, there's no harm in upgrading the software now, installing it alongside of 5.5, and using 6.0 for new projects.

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                  Too many bugs on the new features - wait until a few updates come out.

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                    shooternz Level 6

                    @ huntson


                    As a service to the user community...please list the bugs you have identified as showstoppers.

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      I haven't found any myself that would prevent the kind of work I do.

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                        huntson Level 1

                        I have mentioned them in my posts over the weekend.  They include multi-camera dropping frames when processor usage gets over a certain point with plenty of headroom to go (FCP did not do this) - especially with ProRes and AVC Intra.  Not encessarily a bug but a terrible feature is multi-camera playing back in lower resolution to "keep up" (again with plenty of processor and drive throughput headroom to go) causing the image on an external monitor while using that window to be soft and blurry.  Unlike Mr. Simon, I cannot edit in anything less than full rez which FCP afforded me every time.

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                          jabra27 Level 1



                          Thanks for your input, however, a "soft and blurry" image in the multi-cam window is hardly an issue that negates upgrading from CS5.5 to CS6. The resolution of the Multi-cam editor shouldn't be an issue as it is for the quick and easy edit of multiple cameras at one time. I believe the rest of us use the timeline to do the main editing.


                          And not neccessarily aimed at Huntson, but in general, I keep seeing posts by people that say something about "I could do X in FCP" or "FCP had X". From what I've seen and heard, FCP took a major dive and that is why alot of those people are here. It's obviouse that Adobe is the better product, or there wouldn't be so many converts. If you have something you liked in FCP and it isn't here, or doesn't perform the way you think it should, then turn in a feature request. Adobe has shown that they listen to their customers and I'm sure if enough of you say the same things, they'll make the changes needed.


                          As I stated in my first post, it's a matter of when, not if. I will be upgrading because the product is worth it.


                          If you've come from FCP, I say welcome! If you have a question, ask it. These people listed below are who I call the "Gurus", and they will definately help you in any way they can. And trust me, they will all admit if Adobe has a problem or didn't get something right. But those things are few and far between and these people know how to fix, or work around, almost anything you can come up with.


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