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    further help with sound please


      further help with the sound.


      i have a sound in stage channel 1 which i want to play as soon as the movies starts. and the user is able to control it by pressing the pause button


      property pPaused


      on beginSprite me

      pPaused = 0



      on mouseUp me

      if pPaused then sound(1).play()

      else sound(1).pause()

      pPaused = not pPaused




      i have  other sounds in songs (2 sounds ) and nursery rhymes (4 sounds ) with the behaviour added to the buttons as below etc,



      on mouseDown me

        sound(5).play( member("ABCSong") )



      on endSprite me




      this stops the sound playing when i leave the frame but doesn't stop the sound in the stage channel 1.


      i only want to play 1 sound at a time perferly when the button is pressed and stop 


      could anyone  please advise of how to solve this problem. only using intermediate/basic lingo as i need to understand it.

      any help is much appreciated



      thank you