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    Keyframed, but moving in the wrong direction.

    AudoWarp Level 1

      Okay, I dont' do a lot of animation in Ae--mostly other stuff--but I'm stumped here.

      Ive got two layers--jpg's--a smaller one with text and a background with a pictrure of a beer mug.

      I can animate the text layer to come in and touch the mug.

      No problem.

      I can animate the text to move away from the mug--no problem.

      The problem happens when I put THREE keyframes together in the same timeline.

      The text moves towards the mug--into it--instead of moving away like the third keyframe commands.

      What setting am I missing here?


      The middle keframe represents where the text comes in and touches the mug.

      Why does a third keyframe to the right of that deyframe make the layer continue moving to the right beforew it slows and goes left.

      Is this new, or am  insane?