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    CS6: save for web doesn't work


      i have photoshop extended CS6 since yesterday and today when i was going to save an animation, go to file- save for web, this appears "the operation could not be compleated" someone help me please.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          PC or Mac?  What version of the OS?


          Please list the specific steps you're trying to perform, and maybe do a screen grab and post it here showing the environment you have right as you're about to try the Save For Web operation that fails.


          I have saved GIF animations from Photoshop CS6, so I know it's possible.


          I don't know if it might affect Save For Web but some folks get into trouble by tying in the plug-ins from an earlier version of Photoshop.  If you have copied the plug-ins folder from an older version of Photoshop, or have pointed your Extra Plug-ins Folder at the older version's plug-ins area, you will need to undo that.



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            gakiTo Level 1

            i have a PC, well i made a lots of animations from ps cs5 and i never had problems with that, i just made a animation from a clip of a video like this


            but when i press click photoshop crash down or this appears:


            this doesn't happen to me with CS5 and i didn't copied plug-ins from another version, i just intalled it and that's all.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Maybe someone else has a suggestion.  The only thing I see that seems a bit unusual is the mix of languages.


              Make sure your TEMP environment variable points to a folder that your username (specifically) has Full Control access to.