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    can't receive SocketData in serveral cases

    Yao.He Level 1


      i am stuck with a weird issue, my game has been onlined for a time,and 99% users play it without any problem

      but there is two or three users feedback me that they can't play it

      i contact a user and agree me have a remote debug on his computer,

      the result is ,his computer received data from server indeed(a netstat tool),but  the ProgressEvent.SOCKET_DATA Event is

      nerver dispatched after the connect been established

      is there any special network enviroment or software enviroment or browser will lead to this problem, or it is my code have some bugs?


      sorry for my bad English!

      any ideas ? Thx!


      this issue has been resolved but i still can't explain it why


      in my program , i send a string to server :"GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: " after socket connected

      and then followed other data , but these data after "GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: " has not been

      dispatched out in fact although i have called socket.flush ,until i close the socket or the server reply

      to me , the data dispatched!  but this case only happened on a few computers 。 it happens to my colleague

      ,but he can get it work on IE while unlucky on firefox


      who can explain it? is it a bug?