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    FlexPrintJob outputs PrintDataGrid one row per page


      I am trying to print a table in Flex 3.2 using FlexPrintJob. I need normal printing behavior - one page if all rows fit on a single page, full page(s) of rows followed by a partially filled page if there is enough data to fill more than one page. Somehow, I get a page per row, where each page has a table header, followed by one row of data, followed by empty space.

      Table with 15 rows results in a 15 page document. I get the same behavior in Firefox and IE8.

      What can be causing this behavior?

      Thanks for your help!


      This question with all the code is also posted to Stackoverflow:

      http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10569107/flex-3-2-flexprintjob-outputs-printdatagrid-on e-row-per-page