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    Filtering in a datgrid

    derm116 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I was wondering if anyone knew of any good examples of filtering data in a datagrid? I have a populated datagrid with several columns and what I eventually want to do is have numerous filtering options in the datagrid - slider/top 5/keyword that kind of thing!
      I've found a couple on google but these involve a lot of code and aren't really what I'm looking for (filtering on a keyword which is one of the filters I'll want to do but I also want to filter on values...) I'd like to start off simple and build from there so it'd be great if anyone knew of any good examples?

      Thanks in advance for any help,
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          EvolvedDSM Level 2
          Using a single filter on a datagrid is quite easy using the filterFunction method.

          Using multiple filters on a datagrid gets tricky. The only solution I know of was answered in a thread I created last week, but it's buried now so you'll have to do some searching. All your answers will be in that thread though. Just look for my name as the author. The thread's title was "Filter dataGrid from a List?"